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Choosing A Treating Doctor For Your Texas Workers’ Comp Claim

  One of the most important decisions you will make after a work injury is the choice of a treating doctor.  The treating doctor is in charge of your treatment plan, your work status, and whether or not you have reached maximum medical improvement.  It’s important to pick a doctor that tries to heal and […]

Nova Healthcare Pleads Guilty To Texas Workers’ Compensation Fraud Resulting In Treating Doctor Problems For Patients

Big news dropped this week:  Nova Healthcare plead guilty to Texas workers’ compensation fraud.  Texas Mutual Insurance pursued the case against them with the Travis County DA’s office.  Part of the plea agreement was that Nova can no longer treat patients in Texas Mutual’s healthcare network, Texas Star.  This means that every injured worker in […]

Real Risk In Using Concentra For A Treating Doctor In A Texas Work Injury Claim

Following up on my last post about how Concentra is owned by an insurance company, I thought I’d share the worst case scenario of what this means in the real world.  No conspiracy “theory” here about insurance companies and doctors working in cahoots against injured workers.  Reality. Concentra And Employer Sued For Conspiracy To Withhold […]

Why Am I Being Forced To Use A Concentra Treating Doctor For My Texas Work Injury?

Historically, many Texas employers have used Concentra medical clinics as the “company doctor.”  They use Concentra for things like pre-employment physicals, drug tests and workplace injuries.  When Texas adopted our current system that allows insurance companies to set up treating doctor networks and force injured workers to use only network doctors, Concentra was one of […]

Selecting A Texas Workers’ Compensation Treating Doctor

Most injured workers receive medical attention first from either an emergency room doctor or the company doctor. But these are not viable options for long-term care. The emergency room doctor won’t treat beyond that first visit, and the company doctor is often more concerned about taking care of the employer and not the patient. Once […]


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