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Texas Workers’ Compensation: When You Get Released From Medical Care Too Soon

The Texas Workers’ Compensation system has continued to evolve since 1991 when the laws were changed.  Unfortunately, many of the changes affecting medical treatment have more to do with controlling costs for the insurance company rather than actual quality of care for the injured worker. One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients […]

“Not At MMI” Report Is Not Required To Address All Of Your Injuries To Be Valid

Maximum Medical Improvement and impairment ratings in a Texas workers’ compensation case are usually certified on a special form designed for that purpose. If the doctor states that you are not at MMI, that can be done in writing in a regular report. If the doctor is assigning an impairment rating, it has to be […]

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Is Not Based On MDA or ODG Guidelines In Texas

One of the recent trends in Texas workers’ compensation claims is how designated doctors are using the Medical Disability Advisor (MDA) or the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) to establish when a patient reaches MMI. Many injured workers are having their benefits taken away or cut off prematurely by this practice. Let me explain why this […]

MMI Is Not About Whether Your Impairment Rating Will Change By 3%

In a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to reprint an article I wrote for a newsletter that went out to doctors. It explains how designated doctors are saying that injured workers have reached maximum medical improvement because there is no expectation that the impairment rating will change by 3% in the future. When […]

Changes Regarding Maximum Medical Improvement/Impairment Ratings Texas Workers’ Compensation Claims

Recent changes in Texas workers compensation law make it important to do something right now if you have one of these 3 situations happening in your case: 1. You have been placed at maximum medical improvement or received an impairment rating in the last 60 days 2. You have had treatment since being placed at […]

Basics on MMI and Impairment Ratings in Texas Workers’ Comp Claims

Maximum Medical Improvement and the certification of an impairment rating are two of the most important events that occur in a Texas workers compensation claim. In the linked video, I address what these are, what they mean, and what you can do about it. Video: Basics of MMI and Impairment Rating in Texas Workers’ Compensation […]

Maximum Medical Improvement Is About Expected Recovery, Not Actual Recovery

It has become a common practice for designated doctors and carrier-selected doctors in Texas workers’ compensation cases to certify that maximum medical improvement occurred sometime in the past, maybe even the distant past, because the injured worker’s condition did not change after that particular point in time. When making this decision, the doctor concludes that […]

Maximum Medical Improvement and Exam Requirement

The Division of Workers’ Compensation is now enforcing it’s interpretation of the rules requiring a physical examination prior to any certification of maximum medical improvement (MMI). In the past, a claimant would have been examined by a designated doctor (DD) and may have been found to be at MMI. After additional treatment, the claimant would […]


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