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Texas Workers’ Compensation Claims & Car Wreck Injuries

On The Job Car Wreck:  File Both A Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim & A Personal Injury Case Car Wreck Injury An injured employee called because he had been in a car wreck driving from his workplace to a client’s office where he was going to repair some electrical issues.  On the way to his client’s office, […]

Should I Use An Ombudsman or An Attorney For My Texas Workers’ Compensation Case?

Texas Workers’ Compensation Representation:  Ombudsman or Attorney? I was discussing a case this morning with a gentleman who sustained an injury that was serious enough that he cannot go to work. His job requires a lot of heavy lifting and physical labor, and his back injury is just too painful for that kind of work. […]

Disqualifying Associations & Texas Designated Doctor Disputes

Disqualifying Associations & Texas Designated Doctor Disputes Unfortunately, too many things happen in a Texas workers’ compensation claim that make you think the deck is stacked against you for it to all be coincidence. I mean, by the time the employer makes you go to its doctor and the insurance company starts denying things and […]

Extent Of Injury And Texas Workers’ Compensation Claims

Pursue Extent Of Injury Early In A Workers’ Compensation Case It is important to address extent of injury disputes as early as possible in a claim.  Because carriers typically start denying medical treatment once maximum medical improvement has been certified, it is usually easier to address diagnosis and causation early in the claim, as opposed […]

What Is Causation In A Texas Workers’ Compensation Claim?

In order to establish that an injury was sustained in the course and scope of employment, an injured worker in Texas must prove that his injury resulted from an activity incident to his employment (like lifting a box), or is in some way related to his status as an employee (like a chemical exposure).  This […]

FREE Texas workers’ compensation claim reviews – next day appointments

I’ve been offering free Texas workers’ compensation claims reviews for awhile now.  I keep seeing people who have been trying to get an Ombudsman appointment, but there is a waiting list of over 30 days to get in.  Ombudsmen are not lawyers and don’t represent anyone.  They are a customer service option to assist you […]

Real Risk In Using Concentra For A Treating Doctor In A Texas Work Injury Claim

Following up on my last post about how Concentra is owned by an insurance company, I thought I’d share the worst case scenario of what this means in the real world.  No conspiracy “theory” here about insurance companies and doctors working in cahoots against injured workers.  Reality. Concentra And Employer Sued For Conspiracy To Withhold […]

Why Am I Being Forced To Use A Concentra Treating Doctor For My Texas Work Injury?

Historically, many Texas employers have used Concentra medical clinics as the “company doctor.”  They use Concentra for things like pre-employment physicals, drug tests and workplace injuries.  When Texas adopted our current system that allows insurance companies to set up treating doctor networks and force injured workers to use only network doctors, Concentra was one of […]

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