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Discovery of Medical Records

Once a benefit review conference occurs, all parties have fifteen days to exchange all of the evidence that they may use at the upcoming contested case hearing. Rule 142.13 sets forth the requirements for this exchange. One of the requirements is that each party must exchange all medical records in its possession. Sometimes, one party […]

Termination And Disability/TIBs

I handled a case yesterday for a gentleman who returned to work on light duty earning less than his pre-injury wages and was terminated. The insurance carrier did not want to pay him temporary income benefits (TIBs) arguing that if he had not been terminated for misconduct, he would have been working and earning wages. […]


Recoupment is when an insurance carrier tries to get its money back from an injured worker. Most of the time the carrier files a form saying it overpaid benefits to the claimant and it is going to reduce future benefit payments by a certain percentage to get their money back. Sometimes, the carrier asks the […]

Reporting An Injury

Many employees don’t know that if they get hurt at work, they only have 30 days to report the injury to their employer. In many instances, the injury seems insignificant and they continue to work and try to tough it out until it goes away. They may take Tylenol or Advil or something to help […]

Medical Bill Collections

Eighteen years after the current workers’ compensation scheme was enacted, medical providers are still billing injured workers for medical treatment related to their work injuries. The hospitals do this more than any other provider. I saw a claimant yesterday who went to the emergency room right after his injury and then got a bill for […]

TX Work Comp Blog Purpose

The purpose of this Blog page is to provide Texas injured workers with an avenue to gain information that will help them as they struggle against the workers’ compensation insurance industry and the Texas work comp system that is complicated and convoluted. It is hard to understand how an insurance company can decide not to […]

Who I Am

I am Matt Lewis, an attorney in the DFW Metroplex who has built a practice dedicated to representing injured workers and medical providers who have problems with Texas workers’ compensation claims. I am Board Certified in Workers’ Compensation Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I represent claimants (injured workers) before the Texas Department […]


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