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How To File A Texas Workers’ Comp Claim

Worker's Compensation Comp Form for Claims

When you have a work-related injury in Texas, you have to file notice of your injury with the Division of Workers’ Compensation within one year from the date of your injury. There is a form to fill out – it’s called a DWC-41. It asks for your contact info and a description of how you got hurt and where you work.

Failure to file this document within one year of your date of injury can result in your claim being denied. Have you heard of people losing legal claims due to a technicality? This is one of those types of deadlines. Don’t miss it!

The instructions on the form will tell you to fax it to an Austin number. The Division loses paperwork all the time, so don’t take a chance and hope that your fax gets logged into the system. In addition to faxing it, I would recommend you take it to your local field office of the Division of Workers’ Compensation and file it in person. When you do that, they will stamp it for you showing the date it was received, and they can give you a copy. Then you will have the evidence you need to show that you filed it if becomes a question later.

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