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Choosing A Treating Doctor For Your Texas Workers’ Comp Claim


One of the most important decisions you will make after a work injury is the choice of a treating doctor.  The treating doctor is in charge of your treatment plan, your work status, and whether or not you have reached maximum medical improvement.  It’s important to pick a doctor that tries to heal and help injured workers, and avoid the doctors who work for your employer or for insurance companies.

If your company sent you to the doctor, then that is not the doctor to choose.  They usually have a contract with that doctor and they picked that doctor or clinic for a reason.  Same goes for the adjuster – don’t let the adjuster pick your doctor.

You want a doctor to stand up for you and fight for the approval of any recommended treatment.  You want a doctor who will tell insurance companies and nurse case managers NO when necessary.  You want a doctor who will properly diagnose you and write any reports needed to help you get all of your injuries covered under your claim, and all benefits paid.

If you have a network claim and have to pick a doctor off of a list, you need to make sure you have the full list and not just the list the adjuster wants you to see.  You need to know something about the reputation of the doctor you are going to choose.  Most lawyers know the doctors that help patients get treatment and prove their injuries.  If you don’t know who to choose, ask a local lawyer that deals with them every day.  At our office, we help people figure that out every day over the phone for no charge.

You need to know that there are company doctors, insurance doctors and patient advocate doctors.  Picking the wrong one can be devastating – both physically and financially.

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    So, I was forced to see a company treating doctor at a local urgent care… While I chose my own surgeon, I am now being told by those treating physicians, who truely acted as Pt Advocates that i will get an IR eval with a doctor within their system, simply in another town… is this proper?

    It’s not improper. Usually, these types of impairment ratings are premature, and sometimes actually wrong. If you still need treatment, then it is not time for an impairment rating yet. I would be happy to review the impairment rating for you so you can know whether to dispute it or not. And remember, you only have 90 days to dispute it or it becomes final.

    When approved to choose a different doctor of my choosing due to the negligence and unprofessional treatment of the insurances and employers chosen physician, I called a few in Network Treating Physicians on their list whom I asked the available dates of treatment. They stated the soonest available date would be that night ir following day depemdong how soon the insirance adjuster contacted them. My adjuster contacted them within the hour or 2 and emailed me back statung that I am approved for that doctor as long as i send the information but to be advised that they are not able to see me til almost 2 months away. Disturbed I recontacted the physician office who stated they had a sooner date and they made known to me that although they stated they had a sooner appointment they would not be able to treat me until 2 months later because my adjuster is the one who decides when I can and will be seen. Is this legal?

    This is a trick that insurance companies play. Not only do you need the list of the network doctors, you have to know what doctor on the list will actually help you. That is one of the advantages of hiring a lawyer for your workers’ comp claim – we know the doctors on that list that still believe in helping people. We can get you referred over for treatment.

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