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How To File A Texas Workers’ Comp Claim

When you have a work-related injury in Texas, you have to file notice of your injury with the Division of Workers’ Compensation within one year from the date of your injury. There is a form to fill out – it’s called a DWC-41. It asks for your contact info and a description of how you […]

How To Deal With A Nurse Case Manager

Adjusters like to assign nurse case managers on workers’ compensation claims.  Insurance companies will tell you that a nurse case manager is assigned to your case to help you get the treatment you need faster.  There are one or two out there that might do that, but almost all of them work against you, not […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation Benefits And Travel

Workers’ Comp Injuries On Business Trips In Texas, if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, then you are generally covered for all injuries that occur while you are traveling on behalf of your employer.  If your job requires you to go out of town, you will likely be covered if you are injured during that […]

What is a “Causation Letter”?

A lack of causation evidence is the single biggest reason injured workers lose cases in Contested Case Hearings.  Causation is a fancy legal word that covers everything related to proving that your injuries were caused by your work accident.  Insurance companies will often accept liability for something simple, like a sprain or strain, but not […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation: Extent of Injury

What Is “Extent of Injury?” Insurance companies will often accept liability for minor injuries like a contusion or a sprain.  Those injuries are not too expensive to treat and don’t keep people off of work very long.  Then when you get diagnosed with a herniated disc, or a pinched nerve or a tear in your […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation or Nonsubscriber?

Does My Employer Have Workers’ Comp Insurance? In Texas, employers are not required to have workers’ compensation insurance.  The ones that do have workers’ comp insurance are known as subscribers.  Those that don’t are known as non-subscribers. Subscribers have coverage, so injured employees get all of the benefits provided by the workers’ compensation system.  Non-subscribers […]

Texas Workers’ Compensation: Average Weekly Wage

Calculating Average Weekly Wage If you get hurt on the job in Texas and your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company starts paying you benefits, you will naturally wonder how they figured your benefit rate.  All workers’ comp benefits in Texas are based on a percentage of your average weekly wage.  Most everybody shortens that to […]

Disability Is Not Limited To Periods On DWC-73 Work Status Reports

Disability is the inability to earn wages because of your work injury.  When you have disability, you get paid Temporary Income Benefits, which are the weekly checks paid when you can’t go to work.  When these benefits are denied, you have to go to a benefit review conference and a contested case hearing and prove […]

Bona Fide Offer Of Employment Must State Physical Requirements Of Job

When your doctor releases you to return to work with restrictions following a Texas workers’ compensation injury, your employer has an opportunity to accommodate those restrictions and let you return to work on light duty.  If your employer does not offer light duty, then you should get paid temporary income benefits.  If your employer does […]

Texas Workers’ Comp: Win Extent of Injury With The Ninety Day Rule

As you may know, the ninety day rule is an arbitrary rule stating that once an injured worker receives her first impairment rating, that impairment rating becomes final if it is not disputed by any party within ninety days.  The Division has done its best to block these disputes, and too many people have their […]


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