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Texas Workers’ Compensation: When You Get Released From Medical Care Too Soon

The Texas Workers’ Compensation system has continued to evolve since 1991 when the laws were changed.  Unfortunately, many of the changes affecting medical treatment have more to do with controlling costs for the insurance company rather than actual quality of care for the injured worker. One of the biggest complaints we hear from our clients […]

Can I Work And Still Get Social Security Disability?

So many people have physical or mental conditions that severely limit their ability to work.  They work a little, just to get by, but they can’t do what they used to do.  They can’t work for the hours they used to work.  They might even be getting disability already, but they want to do a […]

Letter of Causation: When Do You Need It And What Goes In It?

In a Texas workers’ compensation case, many injuries require expert medical evidence to prove that they are work-related. This is often true in extent of injury disputes headed to a BRC or a CCH. In this video, we discuss what types of injuries require this level of evidence, and what information needs to be in […]


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