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Choosing A Treating Doctor For Your Texas Workers’ Comp Claim

  One of the most important decisions you will make after a work injury is the choice of a treating doctor.  The treating doctor is in charge of your treatment plan, your work status, and whether or not you have reached maximum medical improvement.  It’s important to pick a doctor that tries to heal and […]

Was Your Texas Workers Compensation Claim Denied Because Of Alcohol Intoxication?

You’ve heard of winning on a technicality before, right?  Intoxication is one of those technicalities that allows insurance companies to automatically beat you out of your workers’ comp claim. If the insurance company can prove that you got hurt during a time that you were intoxicated from the use of alcohol, they win.  This comes […]

Work Injury Caused By An Act Of God – Is It Covered?

Sometimes work injuries happen due to the violence of nature.  Lightning, tornadoes, floods, and such can all cause injuries.  Texas workers’ compensation law states that if an injury occurs simply as an act of God, then it is not covered under workers’ comp insurance.  Insurance companies can deny these claims.  But that doesn’t mean that […]

What Happens At The Social Security Disability Hearing?

The social security disability hearing is where everything flips in your favor.  Through the application process and the request for reconsideration, statistics indicate that you will likely be denied.  However, at the hearing level, statistics show a much better chance of winning an approval of benefits. At this stage, you get to talk to a […]

Can I Work And Still Get Social Security Disability?

So many people have physical or mental conditions that severely limit their ability to work.  They work a little, just to get by, but they can’t do what they used to do.  They can’t work for the hours they used to work.  They might even be getting disability already, but they want to do a […]

How To File A Texas Workers’ Comp Claim

When you have a work-related injury in Texas, you have to file notice of your injury with the Division of Workers’ Compensation within one year from the date of your injury. There is a form to fill out – it’s called a DWC-41. It asks for your contact info and a description of how you […]

Letter of Causation: When Do You Need It And What Goes In It?

In a Texas workers’ compensation case, many injuries require expert medical evidence to prove that they are work-related. This is often true in extent of injury disputes headed to a BRC or a CCH. In this video, we discuss what types of injuries require this level of evidence, and what information needs to be in […]

How To Deal With A Nurse Case Manager

Adjusters like to assign nurse case managers on workers’ compensation claims.  Insurance companies will tell you that a nurse case manager is assigned to your case to help you get the treatment you need faster.  There are one or two out there that might do that, but almost all of them work against you, not […]

How To Appeal A Social Security Disability Denial in Texas

Once you file your application for social security disability benefits, it usually takes 30 to 90 days to get a decision.  Most people get denied benefits at this level, even with very significant disabilities. Request For Reconsideration Once the denial comes in the mail, you only have 60 days to take action and file an […]

How Do I Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits?

The two most common ways to apply for social security disability are by using the online application at ssa.gov, or by calling in to the social security administration and making an appointment to speak with a representative to file an application over the phone.  It is generally thought that filing through the online process is […]


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